Vetruvian Man Bitcoin Comic

The Bitcoin Comic’s first (bitcoin powered) vote

As promised, backers of the graphic novel can now vote on the future of the book. For this first time we prepared 3 options for the cover image. Here’s how you can participate:

If you helped fund the project, you’ll now have COMICVOTEONE coins in your wallet. Login to your counterwallet to send the voting coins to the address of your preferred cover image.

If you prefer this image — Vitruvian Man — send your COMICVOTEONE coins to:191AvTueYeRHx9ykkjQKHNCerx3BEYD8k9

Vetruvian Man Bitcoin Comic

If you prefer this image — Raining Coins — send your COMICVOTEONE coins to: 17R4ELhUoq6Ao5ukowxS9ZLjHkxin6K9nZ

Raining Bitcoins Bitcoin Comic


If you prefer this image — Creation of Adam — send your COMICVOTEONE coins to: 1DLEiZyqJ9kCz7Dt32ghcqUm3RZ2Sg6yRm

Adam Bitcoin Comic

The vote will end at midnight, October 15 (Central European Time). The image behind the address holding the most COMICVOTEONE will become the official cover image of the comic.

UPDATE 20 Nov: The winner was the Vitruvian Man :)