Vetruvian Man Bitcoin Comic

The Bitcoin Comic’s first (bitcoin powered) vote

As promised, backers of the graphic novel can now vote on the future of the book. For

‘Hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto’ Bitcoin Comic Gets Funded, Available Soon

You may have heard of bitcoin-themed comic The Hunt For Satoshi Nakamoto already, and you’ll soon be

SWARM, The Hunt for Satoshi, and Cypherpunk Street Culture

I decided to revisit the piece “Cypherpunks, Bitcoin & the Myth of Satoshi Nakamoto” today which I

Bob and Tak from

Why We Need to Support the Bitcoin Comic

“Show before you tell” was what I was told when I tried writing fiction at age fifteen

Hal Finney art contest (win the Bitcoin Comic!)

Announcing a Twitter based art contest for anyone who creates any type of art, illustrations, photographs, graffiti